Blossoming Tortoise || #CeasefireNOW

Blossoming Tortoise MTG Art

Season 19, Episode 6: Brew Session (Blossoming Tortoise) + Flashback (Spiteful Hexmage)

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Yertle the Turtle was king of them all. Yertle the Turtle had a great fall. But while he was down there, he also milled a few helpful lands, and set up a game-winning infinite combo.

David’s favorite card from Wilds of Eldraine takes center stage in our final brew session of Season 19. Blossoming Tortoise boasts the all-powerful Titan clause, combining card advantage and ramp every time it attacks. What’s more, the built-in selection from the self-mill finds specialty lands like Mutavault and Lavaclaw Reaches that combine with Tortoise’s cost reduction for infinite activations. Is that enough to secure the win? That’s the question on our minds as we explore a half dozen ways to unlock Turtle Power in Pioneer and Modern.

Intro: Yertle the Turtle, by Dr. Seuss


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