Spiteful Hexmage: Cursed Roles for Cursed Wars

Spiteful Hexmage MTG Art

Season 19, Episode 5: Brew Session (Spiteful Hexmage) + Flashback (Agatha’s Soul Cauldron)

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Is there anything more beautiful than a game object? Rectangle theory is back in full force this week with our favorite 1 drop from Wilds of Eldraine. Spiteful Hexmage is a beautiful puzzle, offering two fresh permanents on an above-rate creature at the cheapest possible price. The only catch? One of them is a Cursed Role, which is ostensibly a drawback.

The brewer’s gears are turning this week as we seek to turn a liability into an advantage, cashing in our Cursed Role for fun and profit and unlocking a black Wild Nacatl in the process. The possibilities are endless: we can enchantments-matter or auras-matter effects to gain advantage, or sacrifice the token to pay a cost, or even straight-up replace the token with a different Role. We can count the game objects, using Spiteful Hexmage to power Celebration or Regal Bunnicorn. We can “hide” the Cursed Role on a 1/1 creature, or even use it to upgrade a 0/0 creature. We can even find creatures that benefit from being shrunk into 1/1s! (Hello, Tree of Perdition.)

David is brewing up a storm in Pioneer and he’s already snagged his first 5-0 trophy with Spiteful Hexmage (which, incidentally, was also the first recorded 5-0 trophy with Setessan Champion since the Trump administration). Are there more to come? Let’s find out!


David’s BG Setessan Champion (5-0)
David’s Abzan Triumphant (Sketch)
David’s Rakdos Goddric
David’s Wb Michiko’s Reign
David’s Agatha Sage Combo v1
David’s Agatha Sage Combo v2
David’s Jund Tree of Perdition
Rakdos Tree Combo by MMP (4-1)

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