Full Set Review: Wilds of Eldraine in Modern & Pioneer, Part 1

Syr Ginger, the Meal Ender

Season 19, Episode 1: Brewer’s Guide to Wilds of Eldraine

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Once upon a time, Eldraine ruled the multiverse. An innocuous plane of fairy tales and enchantment quickly broke every format in Magic, thanks to brutally efficient cost reduction spells, pushed standalone threats (hello, Oko), and Adventures that allowed us to squeeze more out of a single piece of cardboard than ever before.

Wilds of Eldraine has a tough act to follow, but Wizards seems to have swung for the fences. Not only are Adventures back for seconds, but they are cheaper, free-r, and more colorful than ever before. On top of that, the innovative Role mechanic (and its counterpart, Bargain) has led to a set absolutely stuffed to the brim with 1 and 2 mana plays. These cards are meant to see play, and that means the rate is pushed across the board. It seems like every single 1 drop is “best in class” compared to the 30 years of Magic that came before.

Cavedan and Lawson kick off the new season of Faithless Brewing with a long look at the best Modern and Pioneer cards from Wilds of Eldraine. The bar is high in non-rotating formats, but when you fill a set with so many generously costed cheap plays some of them are bound to break through. Power creep intensifies with every visit to Oko’s woods; which new card will steal the trickster’s crown?

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