Beseech the Mirror: Cracked from Side to Side

Beseech the Mirror: Cracked from Side to Side

Season 19, Episode 3: Weekly Roundup (Wilds of Eldraine Week 1) + Brew Session (Beseech the Mirror)

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The first week of results with Wilds of Eldraine is in the books. In Modern, Hot Ring Summer is drawing to a close, and players now clambering Up the Beanstalk to unlock endless value. Meanwhile, strange things are brewing in Agatha’s Soul Cauldron, with multiple known archetypes already picking up the artifact successfully, and dozens of more suspicious combos bubbling up besides. In Pioneer, Sleight of Hand is making early moves, and there’s so much left to explore.

What does all this mean for the early darling of preview season, Beseech the Mirror? The card is certainly powerful, as first week wins in Legacy and even Vintage can attest. But making this cheaper Bring to Light variant work in smaller formats is a trickier task. David has some ideas in Pioneer (hint: they involve Demonic Pact), while Modern players have taken a more brute force approach in decks like Oops All Spells. Cavedan and Lawson put their heads together to review eight new homes for Beseech the Mirror, to separate the truth from the hype. Is Beseech going to be a $75 dollar flop, or will we get more than we bargained for?


Agatha Yawgmoth by claudioh

Yawg Cauldron by CalebD

Hardened Scales by MentalMisstep

Heliod Life Combo by LFC

David’s Yorion Beseechiok Pact Combo

David’s Yorion Fires Beseech Pact Foretold

David’s Turbo Demonic Pact

Oops All Spells by Ashanti

Mono Black Coffers by IlGianB

Dimir Hatching Plans by Dack_Fayden07

As Foretold Waste Not by DylanMTG

Living End Reanimator by NinjaTheNick

Red Burn-finity by CrusherBotBG

Magda Changelings by toaohuntmaster

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