Zendikar Rises + Brew Review (ft. Urchin Colley)

Zendikar Rises + Brew Review (ft. Urchin Colley)

Faithless Brewing, Episode 70: Zendikar Rising First Look

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Where to find Urchin

Hipsters of the Coast: https://www.hipstersofthecoast.com/author/ucolley/

Twitter: @hahyeahno

Portland paper: twitch.tv/portlandpaper

Zendikar First Look

21:47  Spell lands

26:17  Pathway lands

29:04  Omnath, Locus of Creation

32:31  Lotus Cobra

34:11  Nissa of Shadowed Boughs

38:20  Ruin Crab

40:41  Coveted Prize

46:50  Archpriest of Iona

48:48  Acquisitions Expert

51:17  Zareth San

55:14  Nahiri, Heir of the Ancients

1:00:48  Jace, Mirror Mage

1:06:35  Bloodchief’s Thirst

1:10:10  Confounding Conundrum

1:13:58  Skyclave Apparition

1:18:00  Legion Angel

Brew Review: M21 Edition

1:21:25  4c Kinnan Emry by Jiggywiggy [Modern]

1:28:54  Blue Karn by Grixisism [Modern]

1:33:33  Thran Rock by Been 395 [Pioneer]

Additional decklists

Mardu Kroxacopter by Simon DS [Modern]

Temur Fevered Fog by Redsocks [Pioneer]

Mono-Black Lurrus Vampires by Auralox [Modern]

A Bone to Pick by KilgoreTrout503 [Modern]

Bant Kinnan Urzablade by illsicknasty [Modern]

8675309 Lives by KilgoreTrout503 [Modern]

Temur Terror by Alex K [Pioneer]

Grixis Taters by redsocks [Standard]

URTransmogrify by BromatCourier [Standard]

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