You Pick the Card: Ghirapur Orrery

Faithless Brewing #36: Ghirapur Orrery The results are in! In the final days before Theros: Beyond Death, we let our listeners choose the card that we would brew around for the week. Many outstanding cards from Magic’s past and present were nominated, but in the end, only one could emerge victorious in the patron poll: Ghirapur Orrery! This forgotten gem from Kaladesh hearkens back to the days when we were small children with a poor understanding of Magic’s rules: we were convinced, for example, that if you played your last card from hand you immediately got to draw a fresh seven, or that if you declared “fast mana” you could play multiple land drops at once. Well guess what, children: with Ghirapur Orrery in play, now you can do both, and it’s not even against the rules! The dream of going nuts with an Orrery is certainly enticing, but to make this card competitive, a lot has to go right. David has some ideas for getting the ball rolling, so let’s dive into the lists! Also in this episode: a GP Portland tournament report, 2019 in Review, Theros: Beyond Death Previews, Regisaur testing results, and more! You Pick the Card Poll Results: Summary  Roundup: GP Portland + 2019 in review + Theros Previews  Izzet Flash (Damon): 4-4, GP Portland (Standard)  Flashback: Rotting Regisaur  Modern GB Heartless Summoning (Dan): 2-3 Reference: “Amulet-less Titan” (bolov0): runner-up, Modern MOCS Urza Charm (VTCLA): winner, Modern MOCS  Pioneer Golgari Great Hengisaur (David): 5-5 leagues Monoblack Picker (Dan): 7-3 leagues Abzan Evolve (David): 4-1 league Rakdos Vamp Madness (David): 4-1 league  Follow-ups from previous weeks: Seasons Past / Fires of Invention (Dan): 3-2 Scarab God Reclamation (aspiringspike) Blood Moon Niv-Mizzet (Lawson Zandi): 5-3 Modern challenge, 5-0 league, 4-1 league RB Regicleave by Paimon (“Pioneer Death’s Shadow) Legacy Kiora Prison by Johan Bang  Brew Session: Ghirapur Orrery  Pioneer Sketch 1: Simic Ghirapur Lands  Sketch 2: Sultai Dredge  Contact Us  If you like our show, be sure to join our Patreon and leave us a review! You can do this from the Apple Podcasts app, or from iTunes if on a computer. Thank you for your support! 



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