67. White Is the Loneliest Color

Faithless Brewing, Episode 67: The White Episode

Blue is not the loneliest color. In Magic at least, that hasn’t been true for a while now, if it was ever true to begin with. Blue cards tend to bring along several more friends when you cast them. The same is true for Green, and Black, and even Red. One good card leads to another, all thanks to the magic of card advantage.

White, on the other hand… now there’s a lonely color. With white cards, you tend to get exactly what you pay for, and nothing more than that. No undercosted rate monsters, no snowballing effects that run away with the game, no recursive threats or big mana engines. If your opponent removes your White card, it’s usually just gone: my card for your card, the fairest possible trade. Imagine trying to win a game of Modern or Pioneer that way in 2020!

We haven’t featured a White card on Faithless Brewing in a very long time. The options tend to be narrow and on the lower end of the power spectrum. Maybe they can spawn a deck or two each, but they’re not likely to even be the best cards in their respective archetypes. If we’re going to find success brewing around a White card, we’ll need to take a more proactive approach and chuck the whole bag of darts at the dartboard. That’s right, this week features no less than 7 new white cards from M21, with a frew brew for each: Speaker of the Heavens, Containment Priest, Griffin Aerie, Angelic Ascension, Nine Lives, Basri Ket, and Stormwild Capridor.

Will any of these cards have what it takes to make a splash in competitive play? You know the drill: let’s find out in the queues!

Flashback: Second Chance Pioneer

Narset’s Undoing: 4-1 league, 2-3 league

Tome Diviner: 4-1 league

GW Oath Enchantress: 2-3 league

Reference lists:

Narset’s Undoing (by SrTortinha, 6-3 Pioneer Challenge)

RG Dinos (by Voltzwagon, 5-0 Pioneer league)

Brew Session: Seven Dubious White Cards

Sketch 1: Soul Speakers

Sketch 2: Priest and Taxes

Sketch 3: Griffin Aerie

Sketch 4: Jeskai Lukka Ascension

Sketch 5: Mardu Nine Lives

Sketch 6: Basri Bots

Sketch 7: Chonky Capridor

Reference lists:

Soul Speakers (by Gabriel Nassif, 5-0 Modern league)

Jeskai Lukka Fires (by FestiFan, 7-2 Pioneer Challenge)

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