When Snapcasters Go Bad: The Case for Sea Gate Stormcaller

When Snapcasters Go Bad: The Case for Sea Gate Stormcaller

Faithless Brewing, Episode 83: Sea Gate Stormcaller

Snapcaster Mage has been with us since 2011. In those ten years, we have learned an important lesson: Accept no substitutes! New printings might aspire to the throne, but no one can topple the King of Snap.

So what does that mean for a card like Sea Gate Stormcaller? The stats are similar, but the play pattern is entirely different: Stormcaller plays at sorcery speed, and only works on small spells that are still in your hand. The upside? You get a very tempo-positive turn, and a copy effect that interacts favorably with additional costs like Neoform or Village Rites. Stormcaller is a challenge to be sure, but a potentially rewarding one if we can crack the code. Time to put on our brewing caps and head to the queues!

Also in this edition: the impact of Lightning Bolt, Big Red in Pioneer, Mardu Smallpox in Modern, testing with Astral Drift, and more.

Decklists for Episode 83

Roundup: Picks of the Week

RG Karn Prison by GeorgieBoy39

2014-era Grixis Shadow by GeorgieBoy39

Damon’s Pick: Mardu Smallpox by visitor636 (Modern)

David’s Pick: Selesnya Tokens by Ajani89 (Pioneer)

Cavedan’s Pick: Big Red by gottelicious (Pioneer)

Flashback: Astral Drift

Naya Drift 1.1 (David): 3-2 league

Naya Drift 1.2 (Dan): 2-3 league

Bant Blink by aspiringspike

4c Omnath Blink Turns by cftsoc3

Brew Session: Sea Gate Stormcalller


Naru Meha Neoform Combo

Dimir Sea Gate Undoing

Grixis Stormcaller Rites


Bant Stormcaller Heliod Combo (Sketch)

Izzet Wizards by Darshik

Jeskai Tribal Flames by joohyun

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