What’s Wrong with Modern? Can It Be Fixed? (Brewers’ Mailbag)

Micromancer MTG Art

Season 15, Episode 13: Brewers’ Mailbag

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Does Modern have a “five color problem”? If so, how can it be fixed? Has the format become hostile to brewing? And why has black become such a weak color?

Today, Cavedan and Morde open up the Brewers’ Mailbag to field listener questions about the state of Modern and Pioneer after several weeks of Dominaria United. Many listeners want to know, “What’s wrong with Modern?” and more importantly, what can be done about it? After a bit of soul searching (and weeping and gnashing of teeth), the crew has some recommendations to help you get the most out of these formats.


[4:17] Checking in

[7:33] White Rhinos by HamburgerJung

[10:02] Housekeeping

[12:15] Why not The Raven Man?

[14:55] Micromancer Wizard Control by Xenowan

[22:36] The RCQ system: is it working?

[28:42] Brewing in Modern after MH2

[33:49] Are efficient answers good for brewing?

[35:27] Does Modern have a “5 color problem?”

[41:41] Search hate: pros and cons

[47:31] Rakdos Scam and how to beat it

[52:01] Deck building heuristics

[56:04] Should Morde be banned from Yorion decks?

[58:12] Deck diversity in Pioneer

[1:00:26] Reprints we want for Pioneer

[1:01:43] Why black is the worst color in Modern

[1:06:35] All time favorite limited format

[1:08:45] Card designs we want to see

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