What’s Winning After the B&R + Strixhaven First Look

What’s Winning After the B&R + Strixhaven First Look

Kaldheim Season, Episode 12: Post-B&R Week 1 Roundup

There’s nothing quite like that new meta smell. With one week of tournaments in the books and nary an Uro in sight, the crew takes a look at what’s been winning in the new Modern landscape. Is Heliod Company a cut above the field? Which archetype is poised to become the new face of control? And why the sudden uptick in squirrels?

Meanwhile in Pioneer, the brewers are out in force and there is tons of innovation. From Dragon tempo, to Emergent Ultimatum combo, to Giant Ox vehicles, there’s something spicy for everyone. If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines of Pioneer, now is the perfect time to dive back in!

It feels like Kaldheim has just begun all over again, but there’s no rest for the brewing as Strixhaven is just weeks away. Wizards gave us a sneak peek at a cycle of enemy-color Commands; do any of them have what it takes?

5:06 B&R Follow-Up Thoughts
7:40 Damon’s Australian Highlander Top 8 Profile

Picks of the Week: Modern
12:13 State of the Modern Meta
17:06 David’s Pick: Squirrel Blade by slamanscott1228 (5-2, Modern Challenge)
21:30 Damon’s Pick: UW Control by Oscar_Franco (Winner, Modern Challenge)
23:36 Cavedan’s Pick: Bring to Light Control by moksha (6-2, Modern Challenge)
27:17 Are Teferi and Force of Negation good for the format?

Picks of the Week: Pioneer
29:53 State of the Pioneer Meta
33:57 Damon’s Pick: UR Dragons by controlfreak1992 (5-0, Pioneer League)
38:36 David’s Pick: Sultai Ultimatum by killersuv (T16, Pioneer Challenge)
42:01 Cavedan’s Pick: Dwarf Vehicles by SolMBA_Airwave (5-0, Pioneer League)

Strixhaven First Look
46:44 Witherbloom Command
50:10 Prismari Command
53:21 Quandrix Command
55:45 Sliverquill Command
56:59 Lorehold Command

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