What We’re Excited For in 2022

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Season 10, Episode 28: Roundup (Magic in 2022) + Brew Session (Wizard Class, Werewolf Pack Leader, Lurking Roper, Calibrated Blast)

We have looked into the future, and it is neon bright. The big news this week was the Magic in 2022 Showcase, highlighting the next year of main sets plus a truly dizzying array of special products. We review the highlights and lowlights, from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty to Lord of the Rings in Modern to a new set of Pioneer Challenger decks.

After that, our final Brew Session for Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures of the Forgotten Realms features a few unlikely combos that David has his eye on. Wizard Class combined with Benthic Biomaner can draw your entire deck, while Lurking Roper can be used to create a green-white Splinter Twin Situation. We also gear up for Innistrad: Midnight Hunt with a look at Werewolf Pack Leader.

Finally, our Picks of the Week dip back into Modern for a truly astonishing new 5-0 deck: 42-land Calibrated Blast! Dylan Kruse (@Dylan_MTG) has been leading the charge on this unlikely heir to 50-land Tibalt’s Trickery. This is a card we’ve had our eye on for a while, and it’s awesome to see it taking off. Modern Horizons 2 has plenty of tricks still up its sleeve!

MH2/AFR #28 Episode at a Glance

[4:46] Housekeeping
[5:40] What’s Next: Magic in 2022
[8:49] Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty
[12:52] Streets of New Capenna
[15:59] Dominaria United, The Brothers’ War
[19:00] Lord of the Rings in Modern
[24:01] Does competitive play have a future?
[26:16] Pioneer Challenger Decks
[33:10] Brew Session: Last Call for the Forgotten Realms
[33:58] Sketch 1: Wizard Class Combo
[41:52] Sketch 2: Pack Leader Gruul
[48:02] Sketch 3: Boros Winota Tokens
[54:51] Sketch 4: Famished Roper Combo
[1:02:45] Cavedan’s Pick: Calibrated Blast by Dylan Kruse
[1:09:12] David’s Pick: Rakdos Midrange by laa11

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