What if Innistrad Were Added to Pioneer? Brewer’s Mailbag (July-August 2022)

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Season 14, Episode 33: Brewer’s Mailbag

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Today on Faithless Brewing we open up the mailbag and field listener questions about everything under the Modern and Pioneer sun. Who is the most impactful brewer of all time? What if Innistrad block were legal in Pioneer? Which cards could be tweaked or updated for Modern? What if Prismatic Vista was the only legal fetchland?

These conundrums and many more will be answered as David, Morde, and Dan weigh in on the questions of the day. Happy brewing!

S14E33 Decklists and Timestamps

[2:29] Housekeeping

[3:49] What card would you tweak to make it Modern playable?

[8:37] What if Prismatic Vista was the only legal fetchland?

[12:21] Who is the most impactful brewer of all time?

[18:57] Which 4 decks would you play for the rest of your life?

[23:31] How many cards different does a deck need to be considered a brew?

[28:55] What is your favorite pet card?

[33:20] Which Faithless Brew are you most proud of?

[38:31] Which classic card should be updated for MH3?

[43:56] Why do many people like either Modern or Pioneer, but not both?

[48:45] Do you see yourself playing Magic when you’re 60?

[50:02] What is the most elegantly designed card of the last few years?

[53:08] What are the signs that a deck is warping a format without dominating it?

[55:45] During preview season, what traits indicate playability? Why did many players miss on Ledger Shredder, Hearse, Graveyard Trespasser, Fable?

[1:03:18] Which cards from Innistrad block would be good or bad for Pioneer?

[1:07:52] What card would you like to see get a promo treatment?

[1:08:25] Aetherflux Reservoir + Bolas’s Citadel: why isn’t this a thing?

[1:10:53] Why is durdling so good in 4c Omnath, but bad in other shells?

[1:19:11] David’s top 3 movie recommendations

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