We’re Gonna Have Tryouts: Modern RCQ Prep with Crabvine, Eldrazi, Shining Shoal & More

We’re Gonna Have Tryouts: Modern RCQ Prep with Crabvine, Eldrazi, Shining Shoal & More

Season 17, Episode 12: Weekly Roundup

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With several Modern tournaments on the horizon, Dan went deep into the weeds testing his favorite brews and tweaking out the numbers. Did any of them have what it takes to keep up with the 2023 Tier 1 Modern meta? Here’s what we tested:

Sultai Crabvine, the old standby, is the quickest graveyard deck in the format and has numerous flex slots and sideboard options. Baithook Angler and other graveyard synergy pieces overperformed in testing, but the meta is still quite hostile.

Temur HollowVine is an old strategy that got a burst of life thanks to the efforts of dackfayden_07, who cut the Asmo+Cookbook package for a more aggressive stance with Urborg Lhurgoyfs and Flameblade Adepts. The new configuration can rack up some impressive trophies, but consistency is elusive and graveyard hate is still a problem.

Eldrazi Stompy was left for dead after the Simian Spirit Guide ban, but with a little TLC Dan has achieved a solid 64% win rate with TKS and friends. This deck isn’t a meta breaker but it has some great matchups and attacks from a unique angle.

In this episode, the crew reviews Dan’s findings and identifies some other promising spice. Is Ghost Quarter the secret sauce in today’s meta? Is Shining Shoal poised to break things wide open? We discuss all this and more on today’s Faithless Brewing.


[2:49] Housekeeping

[3:49] Voting results

[10:06] B&R Update

[17:12] Modern Tryouts: Sultai Crabvine

[34:23] Modern Tryouts: Temur Hollow Vine

[43:41] Modern Tryouts: Eldrazi Stompy

[52:18] David’s pick: Tyvar Bastion of Remembrance Sacrifice

[58:14] Dan’s pick: Mono White Ponza by Lawson Zandi

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