Weekly Inspiration for Your Next 5-0

The path of the rogue brewer can be a solitary one. Succeeding with a deck of your own creation is both thrilling and rewarding, but it often means that you are alone on the journey of discovery. By the same token, few things in Magic are more exciting than the shared discoveries of brewing with friends.

Our friendship and our passion for building off-meta but still competitive decks is what motivated us to launch Faithless Brewing. Each week, we choose a new concept to explore and design decks around it for tournament play. We put our creations to the test and share our findings on the air.

Join us every week for fresh brews, camaraderie, and a dash of inspiration for your next 5-0!


Meet the Hosts

Dan Schriever, Firemind Researcher (@CavedanMTG)

David Robertson, Consul of Innovation

Damon Alexander, Rogue Refiner


Our Team

Tanner Campbell, Editor (@portlandpod)

Ev Davis, Artist (@artofwhistler)


Our Sponsors

Faithless Brewing is a listener-supported podcast. We rely on brewers like you to help us improve the show and bring you better content.

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