We Asked Listeners for Their Spiciest Decklists

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Season 18, Episode 22: The Brew Review (July 2023)

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David and Cavedan review 10 spicy decks submitted by our listeners. Is the next great Modern or Pioneer deck hiding among them?


Naya Exile by LurkingEvil

UB Rogues by Woosh

the Rock by Briger

Dredge for Bones by TuesdayTastic

Ms. Marvel by Ignacio E.

Legendary Combos by Patrick Thomas (ptom)

Winota Mardu Blink by Spencer Hanks

UB Cauldron (Pioneer Living End) by Odince

Vesuvan Mindbreaker of the Dross by Brandon Redden

Mono Green Jeskai Ascendancy by Topher

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