Wandering Mind Brews & Crimson Vow Top 5s

wandering mind mtg art

Season 12, Episode 3: Brew Session (Wandering Mind)

A mind is a terrible thing to wander. It’s gangly, sloppy, and tends to sprout ugly wings and fly all over the place. Keep your eyes on the prize and lock your wandering mind at home!

On the plus side, a Wandering Mind digs six cards deep for any kind of nonland, noncreature permanent. That’s already a unique effect; most previous versions look at fewer cards, and only grab instants and sorceries. When stapled to a reasonable body at an attractive price, we start to have the makings of a solid little creature. Part tutor, part value blink target, Wandering Mind has many potential homes in both Modern and Pioneer.

We’re eager to kick off our Crimson Vow brewing season with this card, but before we do, it’s good to take stock of what we’ve learned about the set so far. What were the standout cards from the preview season? Cavedan, Manacymbal, and MordeToLight have each compiled their Top 5s. Number 5 will shock you!! And with that suitable bait, we hope to entice your wandering mind to give it a listen. Happy brewing! 

S12E03 Timestamps

Roundup: Crimson Vow Top 5s

[4:24] Cavedan’s Top 5

[12:01] Manacymbal’s Top 5

[23:48] MordeToLight’s Top 5

Brew Session: Wandering Mind

[33:17] Theorycrafting

[39:10] Turbo Turns by MrRaeb

[45:41] Morde’s Song of Creation

[46:50] Zach’s Storm the Festival

[49:41] Morde’s Omnath Blink

[51:14] Yorion Rhinos

[53:44] David’s Grixis Notion Thief

[56:40] David’s Galazeth BTL Wheels

[58:57] David’s Treehouse of Horrors

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