Vivien and the Arkbow: A Tale of 10 Brews

Vivien's Arkbow MTG Art

Season 14, Episode 37: Brew Session (Vivien’s Arkbow, Getaway Car) + Flashback (Heart of Kiran, Rielle the Everwise, Humble Defector, Ugin’s Nexus)

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David and Cavedan brew with Vivien’s Arkbow, the runner up in this month’s voting. Morde is a believer, but the old men will need some convincing. Are there ways to cheat on the activation cost? Make use of the discard outlet? Or perhaps even enable sweet Werewolves brews?

David also takes a crack at Getaway Car, an odd little vehicle that leans aggressive but can enable shenanigans with Voldaren Epicure and other ETB effects.

On the Flashback, the crew shares their testing results with Grixis Heart of Kiran, an updated Izzet Looting build with Rielle the Everwise, Mardu Charming Prince + Humble Defector, and a new attempt to crack Ugin’s Nexus.

S14E37 Decklists and Timestamps

[3:00] David’s picks: movies from the 1990s

[12:00] Brewing Vivien’s Arkbow

[20:38] David’s Bant Renowned Arkbow

[28:24] Emi’s GW Devoted Druid

[30:58] Gruul Werewolves by Judge Rob

[35:00] BG Werewolves by pugsonchairs

[38:22] Brewing Getaway Car

[41:18] David’s Boros Getaway

[45:41] David’s UW Getaway

[51:22] Flashback: Grixis Week etc

[51:43] David’s Grixis Heart of Kiran

[59:27] David’s Izzet Rielle 2.0

[1:06:21] Dan’s Mardu Charming Defector

[1:11:48] David’s Jund Ugin’s Nexus

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