UNCTUS, GRAND METATECT: Into the Metaverse of Broken Combos

Unctus Grand Metatect MTG Art

Season 17, Episode 17: Brew Session (Unctus, Grand Metatect)

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Unctus, Grand Metatect does it all. It draws a million cards, assembles infinite combos, and provides tempo and aggression. It powers up Mox Amber and keeps your artifact density high. Interested in devotion pips? Life loss? Graveyard synergy? Unctus does that too.

In Modern, Unctus has shown great promise in the proven artifact shells, where Urza’s Saga, Riddlesmith, and Ovalchase Daredevil make great use of the graveyard. It also provides a brilliant combo with two copies of Fatestitcher. In Pioneer, the artifact shells are less established, but no less tantalizing. Unctus sets up combos with Paradox Engine, Kiora’s Follower, Chief Engineer, or The Locust God. It also backs up aggression from Patchwork Automaton, vehicles, artifact creature tokens, and much more.

Cavedan and David have been noodling on this card for a while, and today they plunge deep into the Metaverse of artifact combos. We’ve got six new decks to test and another half dozen still to discover. What will you do with Unctus in Modern and Pioneer?


[2:25] Housekeeping

[4:48] Brew Session: Unctus, Grand Metatect

[6:36] Key questions

[9:50] Graveyard synergies

[14:32] Tapping creatures

[19:38] Aggro creatures

[23:33] More synergies

[25:55] Sketch 1: Izzet Thopters

[33:50] Sketch 2: UW Malcator Tokens

[41:04] Sketch 3: Sultai Tyvar Artifacts

[45:09] Sketch 4: Emry Paradox Combo

[48:21] More Unctus combos

[54:24] Sketch 5: Blue Shadow

[1:01:01] Sketch 6: Ninja Skies

[1:07:30] Unctus in Modern

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