TYVAR’S JUBILEE BRAWL: Modern Mayhem! Turn 3 Kills! Pioneer Pandemonium!

TYVAR’S JUBILEE BRAWL: Modern Mayhem! Turn 3 Kills! Pioneer Pandemonium!

Season 17, Episode 4: Brew Session (Tyvar, Jubilant Brawler)

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Attention faithless brewers, tawdry tappers, and spike rogues! Tyvar Kell invites you to the JUBILEE BRAWL, starting today at the World Tree Fairgrounds. There will be creature combos! Graveyard shenanigans! Turn 3 kills! And much more. Join us for a week of Modern mayhem, Pioneer pandemonium, and Phyrexian fisticuffs!

Featuring a star studded cast at the main stage:

Devoted Druid, for infinite mana three different ways, or a mini-ritual with Tyvar’s -2.

Prime Speaker Vannifar, now with a turn 3 Tap to Win!

Goblins galore with Conspicuous Snoopy!

Build-a-sword workshops with Stoneforge Mystic

Overgrown Battlement and the Wombo Combo Walls

Jewel hunting with Diamond Lion & Echo of Eons

Double Rainbows across the sky with Jegantha, the Wellspring

Jimmy the Kid aka Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy

Mana dorks, Elfballs, infinite dungeons, and so much more!

There’s decks for everyone at the JUBILEE BRAWL, with combo kills and value plays in any format you please. Bring the whole family and HAPPY BREWING!


[2:38] Predictions

[5:46] Housekeeping

[6:37] Brew Session: Tyvar, Jubilant Brawler

[9:21] Rules notes

[13:38] Combo kills with Tyvar

[38:36] Synergy creatures with Tyvar

[51:33] Sketch 1: Sultai Sidisi

[58:40] Sketch 2: Abzan Priest of Forgotten Gods

[1:05:19] Sketch 3: Prime Speaker Vannifar Combo

[1:13:57] Sketch 4: Sultai Soul Diviner

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