Top 5 Most Exciting Cards to Brew: Phyrexia Edition (Modern)

Gleeful Demolition MTG Art

Season 17, Episode 3: Weekly Roundup

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With previews finished and our Set Review episodes in the books, Cavedan and Morde sit down to rank their top cards from Phyrexia: All Will Be One. This time around, they broadly agree on the cards that excite them most in Modern. Build-around planeswalkers and unique creatures top the list, but there’s still room for a little gleeful destruction of artifacts for fun and profit.

In the Picks of the Week, Morde shares the secrets to his recent success with Goblins, which has netted him three 5-0 trophies in his last four tries. This leaner build emphasizes cost reduction from Frogtosser Banneret and Goblin Warchief to set up spectacular turns with Rundvelt Hordemaster and Skirk Prospector. Is this the future of the Goblins archetype?

Dan’s pick is a truly astonishing Combo Walls deck that racked up multiple 5-0 finishes in the last week. If you have copies of Walking Bulwark in your draft chaff, fish them out now! He also shares his travails with Rivaz of the Claw, our current Monthly Project. With 1-4 and 2-3 results pouring in (and the occasional painful 0-4), can we finally assemble a Rivaz build that gets into the winning column?

Looking for more brewing inspiration? Check out this new article from David & Dan, outlining 15 new Phyrexia brews for Pioneer. Free to read at!


[3:19] Housekeeping

Weekly roundup

[4:19] RCQ changes

[7:56] An FNM ethics question

Phyrexia Top 5 Most Exciting to Brew

[19:41] Tyvar, Jubilant Brawler

[22:04] Venerated Rotpriest

[24:40] Capricious Hellraiser

[27:59] Atraxa, Grand Unifier

[30:41] Nahiri, the Unforgiving

[31:48] Gleeful Demolition

Picks of the Week

[35:13] Morde’s pick: Frogtosser Goblins

[46:51] Dan’s pick: Bant Walls Combo

Monthly Project Update

[54:02] Zach’s Dragon Ramp

[57:22] Dan’s Jund Kiora Dragons

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