Top 5 Cards to Brew from March of the Machine

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Season 18, Episode 4: Brewer’s Guide to March of the Machine (Part 4) + Top Five Cards

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After four grueling sessions, the Great Work of our March of the Machine Set Review is finally compleat. At the top of the mana curve, most cards are long shots for the non-rotating formats. This time, however, several new legends participate in game-winning combos or have intriguing cost reduction options.

To round things out, Cavedan and David predict the Top 5 Most Impactful cards for both Modern and Pioneer, as well as their personal Top 5 lists of cards they are most excited to brew. Clearly this is a set that will keep us busy for a while. What do you think of our analysis? What’s on your personal Top 5 list?


[2:49] Housekeeping

[4:51] Vorinclex — The Grand Evolution

[8:49] Sheoldred — The Scripture of Truth

[11:38] Djeru and Hazoret

[15:22] Quintorius, Loremaster

[19:19] Invasion of Ravnica — Guildpact Paragon

[22:37] Hidetsugu and Kairi

[28:12] Archpriest of Shadows

[31:12] Kogla and Yidaro

[33:42] Kroxa and Kunoros

[37:04] Invasion of Fiora — Marchesa, Resolute Monarch

[40:01] Ancient Imperiosaur

[42:37] Zephyr Singer

[42:45] Interdisciplinary Mascot

[44:03] Invasion of Segovia — Caetus, Sea Tyrant of Segovia

[44:22] Hoarding Broodlord

[47:05] March of the Machine Top 5s

[47:28] David’s Top 5 Cards to Brew

[52:22] Dan’s Top 5 Cards to Brew

[53:57] Top 5 Most Impactful: Modern

[56:15] Top 5 Most Impactful: Pioneer

[1:02:28] Ral’s Reinforcements

[1:04:00] Patreon bonus content

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