Tomorrow Never Dies: Watcher for Tomorrow and How to Kill It

watcher for tomorrow

Modern Horizons / Core 2020, Episode 8: Watcher for Tomorrow

Look at your top 4 cards and choose the best one. Then, do it again. And again. As many times are you can blink! Watcher for Tomorrow offers selection and value reminiscent of Narset or even Dig Through Time, all stapled onto an efficient creature. The only catch? You have to make him die. The crew thinks they are up to the task, with a few different possible shells. Which ones will have what it takes?

On the Flashback, the Yawgfather has many talents, from card draw, to board control, to infinite combos with undying creatures. But how much should we lean on this card? Is the undying combo viable as a primary plan, or should that be a secondary angle in a creature based aggro deck?

Snowy Niv-Mizzet: 5-1-1, SCG IQ Newington. Promising results with this snow manabase featuring Arcum’s Astrolabe, Pillar of the Paruns, Search for Tomorrow and Wrenn and Six.

Flashback: Yawgmoth, Thran Physician
Monoblack Zombies: 2-3 league, was using its recursive creatures too fairly
4c Undying Evolution: 6-4 leagues, Neoform + undying allows for a strong aggro plan, but the list can definitely be streamlined

Reference lists:
Jund Superfriends (lucky_dragon, 5-0 league): an intriguing take on Yawgmoth + tokens for value

Brew Session: Watcher for Tomorrow
Jeskai Saheeli
Bant Blink (Sketch)
UW Hatebear Blink (Sketch)

Reference lists:
Bant Blink (TscheggschDePoegg, 5-0 league)
Bant Blink (Gabriel Nassif, Fandom Legends)
Eternal Command (Shota Yasooka, Players’ Championship 2012)

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