Thunderkin Awakening

risen reef

Modern Horizons / Core 2020, Episode 11: Elementals Week

The Elemental tribe is rising from the reef with a host of new printings from Modern Horizons and Core 2020. Thunderkin Awakener has already established itself as a player alongside Lightning Skelemental, but Risen Reef has brewers experimenting with all five colors of the rainbow. The decks are already sweet, and we’ve barely begun to scratch the surface of what this tribe can do. Will Vesperlark give Altar of Dementia a second chance at breaking Modern? Does Master of Waves push Risen Reef over the top? Can Thunderkin Awakener breathe new life into Rage Forger aggro? Join us this week for a journey to the Primal Beyond, as we discuss all things Elementals with some slick new brews.

02:30 Lame Duck Modern + the post-Hogaak Metagame
17:40 Elemental Tribal: What We’ve Seen So Far
26:10 Brewing Elementals with the Scryfall Method
45:41 Sketch 1: 4c Vesperlark Value-Combo
57:00 Sketch 2: Bant Vesperlark Combo
1:02:45 Sketch 3: RB Thunder Forger
1:09:30 Sketch 4: Temur Thunder Vine

Reference Lists
Rakdos Skelemental (LordoftheLobsters, 6-1 Modern Challenge): Skelemental, Thunderkin, Unearth, and Ball Lightning, plus Seasoned Pyro/Faithless Looting + standard B/R spell package, a couple Arcanists thrown in.  
Mardu Pyromancers (Kensuke Kato, 6-4 MC Barcelona): Basically the same, but trimming Thunderkins and dropping Ball Lightning to make room for copies of Young Pyromancer, Lingering Souls, Smiting Helix.  
Jund 8-Ball (Victor Falcone, SCG IQ top 8): 8-Balls + Collected Company + Pelt Collector, the worst creature in Modern.  
5c Skelementals (Elfkid, 5-0 league): Risen Reef and a random assortment of creatures. Aether Vial + the tribal lands (Cavern, Unclaimed Territory, Primal Beyond) + Smokebraider enable all 5 colors.   
•  5c Risen Reef (perseel, 5-0 league x2): There are 2 more 5-0 “5c Elemental” lists that do not run Skelemental.  
Bant Risen Company (milikin, 5-0 league): Reef as a value creature in Bant Company, with light Elemental package (mainly Voice of Resurgence).  
Jund Shamans (Caleb Durward, 5-0 league x2): Rage Forger + a bunch of terrible creatures that happen to be Shamans.  
All-in Vesperlark Combo (Liam Cahalan): Turbo mill to assemble Vesperlark + sac outlet + Image/Body Double.
5c Master of the Reef (Caleb Durward): Miscellaneous 5c elementals, including Shorecrasher Elemental for increased devotion.
Amulet Reef Combo (u/Jrax): Play your whole deck with Amulet of Vigor + Risen Reef (explanation here).

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