The Case for Sylvan Caryatid

The Case for Sylvan Caryatid

Kaldheim Season, Episode 16: This Week in Brewing — March 12, 2021

Is Niv-Mizzet the best deck again in Modern? Is Sylvan Caryatid the most powerful card in Pioneer? And can you go infinite with Ugin’s Nexus, or is six turns in a row good enough?

Meanwhile on the Flashback, we tested four new builds with Esika’s Chariot, notching a slick 5-0 in Modern and some encouraging results in Pioneer. Is this the new face of Cat Combo?

Roundup: Sylvan Caryatid Brews + Picks of the Week

Sylvan Caryatid Brews
David’s Jund Turns
David’s Bring to Light Undoing

Picks of the Week
Cavedan’s pick: Gruul Dragons by wambocombo2020
Damon’s pick: Bant Flash by buso9494
David’s pick: Treasure Hunt Scapeshift by Kritik

Flashback: Esika’s Chariot
4c Saheeli Chariot Combo: 5-0 league
Abzan Cat-illac: 3-2 league
Abzan Populate: 0-3 league
Temur Saheeli: 4-1 league, 2-3 league

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