Third Path Iconoclast: New Tricks for Old Pyromancers

Paradoxical Outcome MTG Art

Season 16, Episode 9: Brew Session (Third Path Iconoclast) + Flashback (Diabolic Intent)

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Third Path Iconoclast is a deceptively simple card. It draws immediate comparisons to Young Pyromancer, but triggers off a broader range of spells. Unlike Young Peezy, the tokens from Iconoclast are artifacts — which opens up some intriguing brewing space. Today on Faithless Brewing, Cavedan and Morde investigate new artifact brews to see if we can’t teach these old pyromancers some new tricks.

On the Flashback, the crew got some testing in with Diabolic Intent in both Modern and Pioneer. We called this card vastly overrated in our Top 5s show, but that hasn’t stopped others from trying and occasionally putting up decent results. What did we find when we testing Diabolic Intent ourselves?

We round things out with a look at two sweet new decks that did well in Challenges, utilizing Sarinth Steelseeker, Scrapwork Mutt, and Fallaji Archaeologist.


[3:46] Housekeeping

Brew Session: Third Path Iconoclast

[7:32] Theorycrafting

[10:48] Grinding Breach by LuisMJ

[13:45] Grixis Tempo by dack_fayden07

[14:33] Izzet Iconoclast by aspiringspike

[18:43] David’s Of One Mind Pyromancers

[23:09] David’s Third Path Galazeth

[27:45] David’s Third Path Statuary

[33:18] David’s Paradoxical Iconoclast

Flashback: Diabolic Intent

[39:25] Morde’s Magda Insects

[44:48] Morde’s Diabolic Hammer

[48:26] Cavedan’s Diabolic Zombardment

[53:44] Cavedans’ Mardu Greasefang

Picks of the Week

[59:52] GB Sarinth Food by aspiringspike

[1:05:28] Dimir Inverter-less Inverter by laa11

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