Theros Previews & Brew Review #1

Faithless Brewing, Episode 37: The Brew Review


Theros: Beyond Death is upon us! The newest set looks poised to continue the recent trend of Standard-legal expansions massively impacting eternal formats, with a slew of exciting previews to unpack. At the same time, Modern as we know it continues to evolve and change, with results from major tournaments in paper and online giving a final snapshot of the Oko era before the latest round of massive bannings. (Note: this episode was recorded before Monday’s B&R, so you can enjoy one last analysis of the Oko metagame as a fun little capsule in time.)


For our last episode before taking the plunge into the underworld of Theros, we are debuting a new segment on the show: the Brew Review! Instead of picking a single card to focus on this week, we instead solicited our listeners to share with us some of their spiciest brews in Modern and Pioneer: whether polished lists they’ve been testing extensively, or wild ideas that came to them in a rapturous fever dream of brewing energy. From End-Raze Forerunners combo, to Fires of Invention Angels, to a comprehensive brewer’s guide to Myth Realized, this edition of the Brew Review has something for everyone!


Roundup: Modern Championships + SCG Columbus  Explore Titan (Matthew Dilks/Will Pulliam) Galvanic Urza (Corey Baumeister / Pete Ingram) Once Upon Eldrazi Tron (xfile, Modern Challenge) Veil of Titanshift (i_b_true, Modern Champs) Soul-Scar Burn (sandydogmtg, Modern Champs) Glittering Niv-Mizzet (Lanny Huang, 7-0 Modern Challenge)Naya Stonecleave (Ihavethefire, Modern Champs) Liquimetal Urza (Phil England, 6th in Modern Classic) KotR Titan Ramp (Kazuga, 5-2 Modern Challenge)


The Brew Review, Part 1  Mono-red Blitz (by Jiggywiggy) [Modern] Cryptolith Pod (by Matt Baker) [Pioneer] GW Mentor (by Shane B.) [Pioneer] Speed Pigs (by KilgoreTrout503) [Pioneer] Narset for Days (by unpronounceable) [Pioneer] Angel Fires (by Paimon) [Pioneer] Esper Mythseize (by Spotred) [Modern]  Bonus Brews:  GW Gideons (by allfordelilah) [Pioneer] MonoGreen Ponza (by EnderXenocide) [Modern] Blue Bird Arclight Dredge (by Jonathan Walsh) [Pioneer] Agent of Duplication (by unpronounceable) [Pioneer] Mighty Morophon Sliver Tron (by unpronounceable) [Modern]  Contact Us  If you like our show, be sure to join our Patreon and leave us an Apple Podcasts review. Thank you for your support! 



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