The View from Seattle: Preparing for COVID-19

Faithless Brewing, Special Edition: Coronavirus


For some, COVID-19 is a source of worrisome headlines unfolding quickly on the world stage. For others, it is already a daily reality. Self-quarantine, work-from-home, and cancellations of schools and social events have rapidly taken hold across cities and regions, and it seems likely that there is more to come.


In Seattle, Damon has been tracking developments closely as he adjusts to life in the epicenter of the outbreak in the United States. Together with special guest Maria, the two Seattleites share what they have learned about how to prepare for COVID-19 and strategies for living under self-quarantine and social distancing. Topics covered include:


• A short history of coronavirus: symptoms, history, and safety practices

• Tips for basic preparedness: what to have on hand if you are asked to stay home

• Social distancing: what it means and how to adapt

• Strategies for working from home effectively

• How to politely avoid a handshake


This episode has very little to do with Magic: the Gathering (although we do tackle the Big Question: should you attend that upcoming Magic tournament?). Nevertheless, we consider this a very important topic, and hope that this discussion can be a resource for anyone who finds it helpful. Please do what you can to help your families and communities stay safe and informed!


Resources and Further Reading:


New York Times Daily Briefing:

Vox Guide to Covid-19:


Reddit News Aggregators:


Mental Health & Support:


Leading epidemiologists and public health experts are posting important updates on Twitter. Here are a few to start with:




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