The Ultimate Guide to Sultai Crabvine (ft. Anthony Mannino)

vengevine mtg art

Season 12, Episode 22 (Bonus): Sultai Crabvine Deep Dive

After Dan crushed the Modern Super Qualifier last weekend with Sultai Crabvine, graveyard decks are back on the menu. Many people have been asking about the list, so it seemed like the perfect time to Venture Deeper into Modern’s most explosive graveyard archetype.

In this episode we sit down with Anthony Mannino, who innovated the current list. We go in depth into the core gameplay, mulligan heuristics, manabase considerations, sideboarding, best and worst matchups, and tips and tricks for sequencing. We also tackle the question on everyone’s mind: why play Crabvine instead of Dredge?

If you are curious about Crabvine, or Dredge-style graveyard decks in general, this is the episode for you. Happy brewing!


[2:54] Rotting Crabvine: origins of the build
[5:18] The basics: core game play and mulligan heuristics
[9:26] Wonder is great
[12:27] Glimpse the Unthinkable is bad
[14:58] Tuning the mana base
[17:51] Prismatic Ending: worth the splash?
[22:50] Hardcasting Vengevine
[27:25] Rejected cards & cards to test
[33:50] Sideboarding
[37:59] Best and worst matchups
[41:21] Why play Crabvine instead of Dredge?
[51:02] Tips, tricks, and sequencing pitfalls to avoid
[54:17] Q&A with Anthony Mannino

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