54. The Top 8 Modern Innovations Since Ikoria

Faithless Brewing, Episode 54: Eight Modern Innovations


Look, let’s be honest. For many fans of Magic’s eternal formats, morale is currently low. The sudden shift to a Companion metagame, paired with the loss of in-person play and the small joys of connecting with our fellow Magic enthusiasts, has left some players feeling adrift in an unfamiliar and rapidly shifting landscape. These are indeed strange times. But let us say it plainly: You Are Not Alone. The beautiful thing about The Gathering is that, even listening to a brewing podcast during spare moments in your home quarantine, you will never be alone.


One thing that is certainly NOT true is the notion that “Magic is dead” and “It’s all Lurrus, there’s no innovation.” Building decks with companions, and playing matches with and against them, is disorienting but also exhilarating. You may have heard “Lurrus is everywhere” but when you look closely you will find that there is tons of innovation happening in Modern, day after day, tournament after tournament. This week we take a look at eight of our favorite new decks to emerge since the release of Ikoria. With drastic changes come new spaces for creativity and discovery, so come take a look and get inspired for your next Modern brew!



Flashback, Part I: Lutri, the Spellchaser


Jeskai Otter by ManaCymbal (Modern): 4-1 league



Naru Meha Combo (Pioneer): 4-6 leagues



Flashback, Part II: Song of Creation


If you missed it, be sure to check out Episode 1 of our new video series, Rogue Refinery! We take a close look at Song of Creation in Standard, Pioneer, and Modern, complete with gameplay highlights and expert analysis from AliasV and Paul Cheon. Watch Episode 1 here:





Kinnan Storm by AronGomu (Modern)


Amulet of Creation (Modern)


Song Ascendancy (Pioneer)


Ascendancy Combo by Paul Cheon (Pioneer)


Song of Nissa (Standard/Pioneer)


Rhythm of Creation (Standard/Pioneer)



The Top 8 Modern Innovations Since Ikoria


HM: Curious Bogles


#8: Zombie Copter (Ross Merriam)


#7: BW ZirdaBlade


#6: Slithery Dimir (Damon)


#5: Hammer Time (Tom Ross)


#4: Umori Titan


#3: Counterbalance Miracles (aspiringspike)


#2: Umbral Zirda


#1: Auratouched Winota (Lawson Zandi)


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