The Spice Must Flow: 10 New Decks That Impressed on Week 1

Skystrike Officer MTG Art

Season 16, Episode 7: Weekly Roundup

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Week 1 delivered some delightful surprises in both Modern and Pioneer. David, Cavedan, and Manacymbal take a look at the impact of The Brothers’ War so far, digging into 10 of the spiciest new deck lists.

Also, check out these new articles from Cavedan and David, free to read at

The Most Important Cards from The Brothers’ War: Modern & Pioneer Week 1 Predictions

First Drafts: 12 Pioneer Brews to Get the Juices Flowing


[2:59] New articles at

[4:26] Cards impacting the Pioneer meta

[15:23] Cards impacting the Modern meta

[20:45] UW Token Soldiers by johnsmith3373

[27:20] 5c Human Soldiers by Hollhis

[32:58] Fallaji Ascendancy by MrRaeb

[37:20] Mono White Kayla’s Reconstruction by cigarettesaftershrek

[42:26] Gruul Rootwire Fires by OnionResponsible

[47:04] Jund Mishra Meld by Takahashi Tarou

[51:55] Insect Tribal by CrusherBotBG

[58:07] Bitter Reunion Creativity by musasabi

[1:02:53] Izzet Iconoclast by aspiringspike

[1:06:46] Naya Awaken the Woods Ramp by Nitreglyze

[1:10:49] Closing thoughts

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