The Reality Chip: Uploading the Newest Pioneer Tech

The Reality Chip MTG Art

Season 14, Episode 20: Roundup + Brew Session (The Reality Chip)

One week after the B&R, a new metagame is taking shape with Mono Green and Rakdos at the top. But beneath the surface, an ocean of spice is brewing. An amazing 54 decks were in Monday’s 5-0 deck dump, the highest number since January 2020.

Today on Faithless Brewing, Cavedan and David look at six of the most interesting lists from the post-Winota world. These include new experiments with Raffine and Extraction Specialist, red-less Arclight Phoenix, a re-imagining of Vampires, and multiple attempts to break Omnath with Pioneer’s available fetch lands.

After that, we plug in The Reality Chip to see if there are more brews to discover with the legendary Jellyfish. Reality Chip shows up in Modern Stoneforge packages as well as some of the more spectacular Pioneer combos (Song of Creation, Jeskai Ascendancy, Paradox Engine). But can pairing the Chip with Tezzeret unlock a new style of midrange deck? Only time and testing will tell.

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S14E20 Decklists and Timestamps

Weekly Roundup: Pioneer After the B&R
[4:28] Tier 1 winners: Mono Green + Rakdos
[11:57] Fetchland Niv-Mizzet by forenmagra
[19:29] Dimir Phoenix by Veraquios
[22:48] Esper Raffine Humans by ilidioTheBrabo157SL
[26:41] Bant Pyre Humans by AlabasterWolfie
[31:59] 5c Widespread Thieving by tara
[36:30] Grixis Vampires by Arianne
Brew Session: The Reality Chip
[40:38] David’s Bant Tezzerator 2.0
[46:04] Grinding Breach by Jiggywiggy
[47:08] Fervent Stoneblade by YungDingo
[48:13] Combo decks: Song of Creation, Paradox Engine, Jeskai Ascendancy
[49:50] Izzet Antiquities War by New_Player-123
[54:19] Other directions to explore

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