64. The New Sylvan Library

Faithless Brewing, Episode 64: Mazemind Tome

M21’s Mazemind Tome certainly looks unassuming. For a small 2-mana down payment, you get the option to “crack a Clue,” as it were, by paying another 2-mana installment. If you don’t want to spend mana, you can trade a Clue for a scry 1. Do that four times, then collect 4 life. Sounds simple enough. Can a bootleg Tireless Tracker really set the Modern format on fire?

Well, don’t take our word for it, just ask the Eldrazi Tron players who have adopted this card en masse while surging to the top of the metagame in the wake of last week’s B&R. You can blame those players too for the Sylvan Library comparison: it’s not that there is an actual mechanical similarity between the two cards, but exude that same energy of “I’ve got this”: if you get your engine down safely and have a few turns to extract value from it, you feel like a million bucks.

The beautiful thing about Tome is that it is colorless and cheap, which means it can potentially fit in a host of different strategies. It’s not exactly a “build-around,” as it asks very little of you and mostly supports whatever else your deck is attempting. But it does its job efficiently and well, and who isn’t in the market for a reserve supply of 4 Clues? We’ve asked the question, so we’ll do our best to answer it this week with some new homes (and some old ones) for Mazemind Tome in both Modern and Pioneer. Happy brewing!

Roundup: Modern + Pioneer After the B&R

UW SharkBlade (by HeyPharaoh, 2nd place Modern Champs)

Eldrazi Tron (by TheTunnelingCat, 1st place Modern Champs)

Mono-White Tokens (by Marxelo, 7-2 Modern Champs)

Fervent Sunforger (by qbturtle15, 5-0 Modern League)

Pioneer: Aggregate results from Challenge + last four Prelims (by FamousOnLine)

Flashback: Teferi, Master of Time

Teferi Delirium (Dan): 6-4 leagues (a “Robertson 9-1,” three losses were timeouts)

Teferi Phoenix (David): 2-3 league

Izzet Moon (Damon): 3-2 league

UW Miracles (Dan): 2-3 league

Brew Session: Mazemind Tome

Reference: Blue Moon (Damon)

Reference: Eldrazi Tron (by TheTunnelingCat, 1st place Modern Champs)

Reference: Dice Factory (by Hampuse1, 5-0 Modern League)

Reference: Blue Tron (by Lordofthelobsters, 5-0 Modern League)

Reference: Skred Red (by utopia_mycon, 5-0 Modern League)

Sketch 1: Klothys Prison

Sketch 2: Tome Diviner

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