The Most Powerful Cards You’re Not Playing in Pioneer (Mailbag: December 2022)

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Season 16, Episode 12: Brewer’s Mailbag

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David and Dan open up the Mailbag to field questions about the Faithless Looting ban, the future of Pioneer, and the most powerful cards not being played right now. They also take a look at some new brewing technology from around the multiverse.


[1:01] Mariah’s Christmas vs. Peanuts Christmas

[6:29] Housekeeping

[7:35] Our picks for next month’s card

[15:45] 2022 favorite card of the year

[19:58] The most impactful card from The Brothers’ War

[23:19] Updates to David’s 12 Pioneer deck lists

[26:27] The most powerful Pioneer cards not being played

[33:55] Legacy of the Faithless Looting ban

[39:02] Identifying areas for improvement in a new brew

[45:42] Pioneer after the RCQ season

[49:46] UW Half-Soldiers by zkiihne

[55:40] Vadrok Gifts Combo by IPlayBadDecks

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