The Invasion of the Giants

The Invasion of the Giants

Kaldheim Season, Episode 17: Giants Week

Fire giants. Ice giants. Even a few creatures pretending to be giants. Kaldheim has no shortage of Giants, but none on the level of Bonecrusher Giant or the Theros titans. Instead, we got some intriguing supporting tools: Invasion of the Giants, Glimpse the Cosmos, and a few other utility creatures. Are any of these equal to the challenge in Modern and Pioneer? Let’s find out!

3:44 Modern Horizons 2
5:54 Kaldheim’s Giants
11:29 The Best Giants in Modern and Pioneer
19:11 Izzet Tempo Giants by Hyperdontia
23:36 Sketch: Jeskai Sun Titan Combo
31:15 Sketch: Dark-Dweller Orvar Combo
36:35 Sketch: Izzet Glimpse Control

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