The Hunt Begins: Innistrad Midnight Hunt Set Review, Part 1

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Season 11, Episode 1: Brewer’s Guide to Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, Volume 1 + Flashback (Harmonic Prodigy)

Innistrad season kicks off with a look at the first batch of previews from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. The return of Flashback sets a high bar for the set, and there have been numerous bangers previewed already. New support for Zombie aggro and an intriguing Daybound/Nightbound mechanic also give us plenty to worry our teeth over. But perhaps most surprising are the hyper-efficient tools like Secrets of the Key and Curse of Silence that seem perfectly tailored for non-rotating formats. This is sure to be a thrilling season. Let the hunt begin!

On the Flashback, we report on our initial findings with Harmonic Prodigy. We tested four styles of prodigy decks, from Gruul Shamans, to Monored Devotion, to Izzet Murktide. But the most promising by far was a Wizard-Shaman gumbo powered by Eternal Witness, Ephemerate, Sea Gate Stormcaller, and Neoform. This deck was capable of some truly astonishing lines while also naturally covering some of Harmonic Prodigy’s weaknesses to spot removal. There’s still lots to learn, but Eternal Harmonics is a great place to start.

If you missed our Friday episode, we closed out Season 10 with a deep dive on one of the all-time great brewer’s cards, Waste Not. Special guest Dylan_MTG joined the cast to share wisdom from his lifelong pursuit of Waste Not, as well as tips and tricks for piloting the new Calibrated Blast deck. Check it out here:

Happy brewing!


[3:01] Bear country survival tips
[5:13] Housekeeping
[6:38] Brewer’s Guide to Innistrad: Midnight Hunt
[7:17] Deserted Beach etc. (new rare land cycle)
[11:05] Secrets of the Key
[14:48] Curse of Silence
[20:35] Light Up the Night
[26:09] Jadar, Ghoulcaller of Nephalia
[28:52] Arcane Infusion
[31:42] Can’t Stay Away
[34:29] Rite of Harmony
[37:29] Flame Channeler // Embodiment of Flame
[40:52] Bladestitched Skaab
[42:39] Doll Stitcher // Toy Factory
[45:52] Tovolar, Dire Overlord // Tovolar, the Midnight Scourge
[53:17] Graveyard Tresspasser // Graveyard Glutton
[56:17] Arlinn, the Pack’s Hope // Arlinn, the Moon’s Fury
[1:01:48] Flashback: Harmonic Prodigy
[1:02:42] Gruul Shaman Company
[1:07:29] Izzet Harmonic Murktide
[1:09:10] Red Harmonic Devotion
[1:11:00] Eternal Harmonics

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