The Greatest Brews in the Multiverse (ft. Dack_Fayden07)

Dack Fayden MTG Art

Season 18, Episode 5: Interview with Dack_Fayden07

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Dack Fayden may be the Greatest Thief in the Multiverse, but did you know that he also runs one of the spiciest YouTube channels for original brews in Modern?

Today on Faithless Brewing, Cavedan sits down with special guest Josip Jukic, better known as DackFayden07, to hear about his unique approach to creating winning brews in Modern. Josip’s recent MTGO trophies include gems like Melira Zoo Scam, Winota Reanimator, Rokiric Zoo Rhinos, Sultai Grief Vine, and many others. The best part? You can see all these brews in action on Dack’s YouTube channel, with short format gameplay and insightful commentary. We talk about Dack’s approach to brewing and card evaluation, his most successful recent brews in Modern, and his top picks from March of the Machine.

Where to find Josip:

YouTube: Dack_Fayden07

Twitter: @DackFayden07

Dack’s 5-0 lists


[1:01] Q&A with Dack_Fayden07

[4:54] Dack’s YouTube channel

[12:30] Approaches to brewing

[17:34] BW Scam GixBlade (decklist) (gameplay)

[18:59] Winota Reanimator (decklist) (gameplay)

[26:18] Urborg Lhurgoyf Crabvine (decklist) (gameplay)

[29:58] Sultai Grief Vine (decklist) (gameplay)

[34:24] Melira Zoo Scam (decklist) (gameplay)

[37:51] Zoo Evolution (decklist) (gameplay)

[48:51] Classic Zoo (decklist) (gameplay)

[52:55] Rokiric Zoo Rhinos (decklist) (gameplay)

[1:08:30] Dack’s picks: March of the Machine

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