The Great Faithless Debate: Our 15 Hottest MTG Takes

The Great Faithless Debate: Our 15 Hottest MTG Takes

Season 12, Episode 23: The Great Faithless Debate

It’s finally here! Five Faithless Brewers. Fifteen questionable takes. For the first time ever, the entire crew has assembled for an hour of mayhem as we tackle the hot button issues of the day. Do we need at least 10 more companions? Are all paper players casual? Will Gandalf be an absolute smokeshow? These questions and many others will be answered once and for all in The Great Faithless Debate. Happy brewing!


[3:57] “Companions are great and we need at least 10 more.”
[14:41] “Modern and Pioneer should have a Format Panel.”
[21:17] “Arena should embrace that it is not actually Magic, and should separate completely from paper.”
[27:48] “There are too many formats.”
[33:18] “Magic is fundamentally not a good game to watch on stream.”
[40:14] “Canadian Highlander is the best format.”
[44:50] “Dropping leagues at 0-1 to win the Modern trophy race is messed up.”
[51:06] “MH2 and F.I.R.E. design killed brewing in Modern.”
[53:11] How can we get Post Malone into Pioneer?
[56:16] What is your favorite free spell?
[57:04] What is Gandalf going to look like in the LotR set?
[59:15] “If you only play Magic in paper, you are a casual.”
[1:01:35] “Expressive Iteration will be banned or nerfed in one or more formats this year.”
[1:03:53] “Riot’s TV show succeeded where WotC’s will fail because…”
[1:09:17] “MTGO is a better client for playing Magic than Arena.”

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