The Enigmatic Architect of Tameshi Bloom (ft. Daviusminimus)

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Season 14, Episode 26: Interview with Daviusminimus

With the CEO on vacation, Morde is joined by legendary brewer David Hassell (daviusminimus), the creator of Tameshi Bloom Combo, Enigmatic Incarnation in Modern, and other crazy decks you may not have seen. They discuss Davius’s greatest 5-0 hits, from Zur the Enchanter, to Summoning Trap Kiki-Jiki, Bring to Light control and much more. Davius also weighs in on the challenges and rewards of brewing in the current Modern format.

Where to find Davius:

S14E26 Decklists and Timestamps

[4:56] Q&A with Daviusminimus

[8:11] Why do you brew?

[14:42] 5c Enigmatic Incarnation

[18:59] Bring to Light Kiki-Jiki

[19:31] 5c Zur the Enchanter

[23:06] Summoning Trap Combo

[31:27] Davius’s 5-0s: Fauna Shaman, Prime Speaker Vannifer, Proto-Amulet

[39:38] Tameshi Bloom

[1:01:46] Current brewing projects

[1:17:17] The challenges of brewing in Modern

[1:22:41] Where to find Davius

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