The Complete History of Waste Not (ft. Dylan_MTG)

waste not mtg art

Season 10, Episode 30: Inside the Brewer’s Studio with Dylan Kruse

Some cards you spend a lifetime chasing. Deck after deck, brew after brew, always searching for that new tech or perfect configuration to finally break through. These are the cards that get into your blood

Dylan Kruse knows a thing or two about Waste Not. He has brewed literally hundreds of Waste Not decks over the course of six years. But his brewing range is much wider, including the Calibrated Blast list that is currently rocking the Modern leagues. If you have recently been the victim of an Emrakul to the face, there’s a good chance Dylan is to blame.

Today we sit down with Dylan to learn about his long affair with Waste Not combo and his approach to brewing in Modern. We also discuss tips and tricks for piloting Calibrated Blast, including matchup considerations, mulligan strategy, and sideboarding. After that, we open up the Brewer’s Mailbag to field listener questions about Dylan’s approach to the craft.

Where to find Dylan:

Twitter: @dylan_mtg
Youtube: Dylan_MTG
Discord: Dylan_MTG


[2:17] Q&A with Dylan Kruse (Dylan_MTG)
[11:40] The state of play in Modern
[16:30] Brew Session: Waste Not
[26:04] Rakdos Waste Not Arcanist
[29:53] Waste Not Storm
[35:50] Deck Dive: Calibrated Blast
[42:22] Mulligan heuristics
[48:57] Sideboarding
[54:09] Mailbag: Glimpse of Tomorrow
[59:29] Semblance Anvil
[1:07:33] The Waste Not Discord
[1:10:36] Where to find Dylan

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