The Best Kept Secret in Modern: An Interview with DackFayden07, the Lord of the Brews

Dack Fayden MTG Art

Season 18, Episode 24: Modern 5-0s with Dack_Fayden07

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The Greatest Thief in the Multiverse has stolen The One Ring, and stolen our hearts! Josip Jukic, better known as DackFayden07, has been on a stunning streak of 5-0 results, racking up trophy after trophy with original Lord of the Rings brews. He is the best kept secret in Modern, a Croatian aspiringspike, an indomitable brewer and a talented Blues Rock musician besides.

So what is the secret to Dack’s tremendous success? We find out today in a massive interview. Cavedan and Josip discuss the state of Modern with The One Ring, Orcish Bowmasters, and Delighted Halfling, and then take a deep dive into eight of Dack’s trophy winning Modern lists. They also peer into the Palantir to divine the future of Lord of the Rings in Modern. Which cards have more undiscovered potential? Josip has some ideas, and when he speaks, we listen.

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Rakdos Rings ft. Waste Not (Decklist) (Gameplay)

Naya Winota Legends (Decklist) (Gameplay)

Bowmasters HollowVine (Decklist) (Gameplay)

Giada Flash Esper Scam (Decklist) (Gameplay)

Asmo Wizard Kitchen ft. Flame of Anor (Decklist) (Gameplay)

Urborg Scavengers Domain Zoo (Decklist) (Gameplay)

Zoo Ring ReScaminator (Decklist) (Gameplay)

Abzan Nissa Scam (Decklist) (Gameplay)

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