Ten New Staples of the New Modern

ragavan nimble pilferer mtg

Modern Horizons 2, Episode 8: This Week in Brewing

Have you had a chance to play Modern yet since the release of Modern Horizons 2? If you’ve been away from the format, chances are it looks a lot different today than when you saw it last. It’s not just a question of individual decks and archetypes. The fundamental building blocks of the format have been completely refreshed with powerful new additions from the latest set, impacting the construction of many different strategies.

Today we take a look at 10 new staple cards of the new Modern. We already talked at length last week about Urza’s Saga, Shardless Agent, and The Underworld Cookbook, so our focus this week is elsewhere: powerful red one drops, efficient removal, a swingy new top end for the Stoneforge Mystic package, re-ranking the evoke mythic cycle, and more. We also take a look at some high performing decklists that put these new tools to use. Happy brewing!

MH2 #8 At a Glance

[3:52] Izzet Wizards by Odince
[6:52] “The Mono Red Song” by Manacymbal

[14:56] Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer
[16:03] Jeskai Monkeyblade by Thunderstriker7
[16:30] Kaldra Compleat
[19:35] Prismatic Ending
[20:45] Omnath Monkeyblade by Jiggywiggy
[23:18] Rakdos Grief by Asoen[25:29] Dauthi Voidwalker
[28:00] Dragon’s Rage Channeler
[29:52] Izzet Lurrus by Lavaridge
[32:05] Unholy Heat
[33:30] Izzet Delver by Yhtarod
[33:55] Murktide Regent
[36:35] Subtlety
[37:46] Izzet Phoenix by Chichichi
[38:36] Faithless Salvaging
[40:41] Mono Red Phoenix by aspiringspike
[43:17] Abundant Harvest
[45:12] Ignoble Hierarch
[45:24] BG Yawgmoth by claudioh
[47:48] Grist, the Hunger Tide
[49:25] Solitude
[50:17] Eladamri’s Toolbox by cftsoc3
[53:33] Imperial Taxes by MiguelCaster
[55:59] Brainstone
[56:55] Four Color’s Best Lurrus Saga Control by CharlieTheBananaKing
[1:00:15] Closing Thoughts on the New Modern

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