63. Teferi Is Better than Jace, Change My Mind

Faithless Brewing, Episode 63: Teferi, Master of Time


Recently, certain members of the Faithless Brewing brain trust expressed skepticism that new Teferi could ever possibly be better than Jace, the Mind Sculptor (I won’t name names, so let’s just call them D***). How could any 2UU walker ever compete with JTMS, perhaps the greatest planeswalker of all time? But here’s the thing: they don’t write the show notes.


This week, we settle the score once and for all by putting Teferi through his paces in four different archetypes. And we do so set against the brave new landscapes of two formats completely refreshed by this week’s B&R announcement. The metagame is brand new! Anything is possible now in Modern and Pioneer! …. ***wait, what’s that? oh…. Modern only? no bans this week in Pioneer? awkward…*** Correction: Modern looks brand new and Pioneer looks as healthy and balanced as ever, so let’s forge ahead!


Notable decks from around the leagues:

Chromatic Combo Tron (by Trellon, 5-0 league)

Liliana 8-Rack (by D00mwake, 5-0 league)

Sultai Neo-Evolution (by sivek, 5-0 league)


Flashback: Archfiend’s Vessel


Abzan Horse Vessel: 1-4 league

BW Liliana’s Vessels: 4-1 league, 3-2 league

Archfiend Jund: 2-3 league


Brew Session: Teferi, Master of Time


Sketch 1: Te4eri Delirium (Pioneer)

Sketch 2: Te4eri Phoenix (Pioneer)

Sketch 3: Izzet Rielle (Modern)

Sketch 4: UW Miracles (by Zach Allen, Top 8 Modern Challenge)


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