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Unexpected Results MTG Art

Season 14, Episode 31: Nominees for Monthly Project #3

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Another vote approaches! The mad brewers in our Discord community have put their heads together to put sixteen cards on the ballot for Monthly Project #3. These are the creme de la creme, the spiciest of the spice, the cards that should probably never see the light of day but we can’t resist trying to combo with them so we brew them anyway. Many brews are sure to be forged and many tickets are sure to be lost. Which card will we feature next? That’s up to you!

S14E31 Decklists and Timestamps

[4:13] Housekeeping

[6:25] Sedgemoor Witch

[9:45] Marionette Master

[13:38] Monastery Mentor

[17:32] Weaver of Harmony

[22:49] Painter’s Servant

[27:43] Animation Module

[32:10] Fight Rigging

[37:03] Resurgent Belief

[40:55] Unexpected Results

[44:22] Damon’s 5c Niv vs. Unexpected Tron (GP Minneapolis 2019)

[51:28] Fevered Visions

[53:48] Moderation

[57:15] Necrotic Ooze

[1:01:30] Death Cloud

[1:03:51] Vivien’s Arkbow

[1:07:23] Pyre of Heroes

[1:10:29] Big Score

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