Solitude and Fury Crash a Party: Brewing Storm the Festival

storm the festival mtg art

Season 11, Episode 13: Brew Session (Storm the Festival) + Flashback (Curse of Silence)

Storm the Festival is a bigger Collected Company that finds so much more. With pitch Elementals at the top end, can Storm crash the party in Modern and Pioneer?

Brew Session: Storm the Festival
[2:17] Theorycrafting
[8:51] 4c Fires Festival by rileydk
[16:28] Sketch 1: 4c Yorion Toolbox
[23:46] Sketch 2: Naya Lotus Showdown
[34:37] Sketch 3: Wet Abzan Storm
[39:49] Sketch 4: Omnath Landfall
Flashback: Curse of Silence
[48:28] Auras of Silence
[58:04] Boros Showdown
[1:03:36] Closing thoughts

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