So You Want to Brew in Historic: A 2021 Quickstart Guide

Serra's Emissary MTG art

Season 11, Episode 3: Brewer’s Guide to Historic in 2021 (ft. Rhett Wilfahrt and Matt Young)

Historic is Magic’s most dynamic format, with tremendous potential for discovering sweet brews. It is also the format most challenging to break into if you don’t already play it. Everything from card availability, to a volatile metagame, to even understanding the rapidly changing card pool can be a barrier for brewers on the outside looking in.

But fear not! We have recruited two Historic masters, Rhett Wilfahrt and Matt Young, to guide us through the fast-paced world of Historic in 2021 after the release of Jumpstart: Historic Horizons. Whether you’re new to the format or a seasoned mythic grinder, this Quickstart Guide has something for you.

Resources for getting started in Historic:

Everything You Should Know about the Arena Economy by Tobi Henke

MTG Arena Zone Quick Start Guide

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