Set Review: The Best of Crimson Vow for Modern and Pioneer, Part 1

sorin crimson vow key art

Season 12, Episode 1: Crimson Vow Set Review, Part 1

Save the date! Olivia and Edgar are getting married, and you’re invited to the feast. Crimson Vow is full of treats for brewers, but only if you are willing to work for them. In part 1 of our Brewer’s Guide to Crimson Vow, cavedan is joined by Manacymbal and MordeToLight to break down the most interesting new cards for Modern and Pioneer. We all have our sights set on Wandering Mind, Fell Stinger, and Chandra, Dressed to Kill, but there may also be sneaky contenders lurking in the shadows. Concealing Curtains // Revealing Eye has attractive stats, Dig Up offers versatility, and Geistlight Snare provides an amazing rate if you can unlock it. Meanwhile, more polarizing cards like Dollhouse of Horrors and Graf Reaver earned mixed reviews. Are these cards new build-around staples, or completely unplayable? These questions, and many more, are taken up in Part 1 of our Set Review. Let’s dive in!


[3:47] Heuristics for Card Evaluation
[10:36] Voldaren Estate
[14:56] Concealing Curtains // Revealing Eye
[18:44] Dig Up
[24:06] Edgar’s Awakening
[27:36] Voice of the Blessed
[31:39] Dorothea, Vengeful Victim // Dorothea’s Retribution
[35:51] Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
[39:54] Graf Reaver
[44:24] Cemetery Prowler
[46:56] Wandering Mind
[53:57] Headless Rider
[58:27] Inspired Idea
[1:03:04] Dominating Vampire
[1:05:59] Fell Stinger
[1:09:07] Geistlight Snare
[1:13:11] Path of Peril
[1:15:10] Torens, Fist of Angels
[1:19:02] Chandra, Dressed to Kill
[1:24:10] Alchemist’s Gambit
[1:28:06] Sorin, the Mirthless
[1:32:20] Bloodvial Purveyor
[1:36:37] Henrika Domnathi // Henrika, Infernal Seer
[1:39:15] Scattered Thoughts
[1:42:19] Olivia, Crimson Bride
[1:46:19] Cultivator Colossus
[1:51:50] Dollhouse of Horrors
[1:58:46] Old Rutstein

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