Set Review, Part 3: The Complete Guide to Kamigawa in Modern and Pioneer

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Season 13, Episode 3: Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Set Review, Part 3

Was anyone expecting Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty to be this great? Flavor-wise, yes, the world has delivered on its big promises, but it’s also an absolute triumph of new mechanical designs. The commons and uncommons revealed on the final day of previews were jam packed with useful options at cheap mana costs, and we even got some outstanding uncommon lands.

The Vehicles theme headlines this episode, with Mech Hangar and Greasefang, Okiba Boss promises an explosive new archetype thanks to vehicles like Parhleion II, Esika’s Chariot, and Consulate Dreadnought. There’s even an exciting new combo vehicle in Mindlink Mech, that can power up all kinds of specialty creatures who aren’t naturally good at combat.

Red got a huge selection of one drops, starting with synergistic pieces like Experimental Synthesizer and Voltage Surge, and extending to versatile attacking options like Rabbit Battery and Reinforced Ronin. In green, Careful Cultivation offers a massive power-up to Transmogrify strategies, providing an instant speed uncounterable mana dork on a token! And white gets some muscle for a new style of Enchantress deck thanks to Sky-Blessed Samurai, a 4/4 flier with affinity for enchantments.

There’s something for everyone in this episode, including big dreams of massive spells with Hinata, Dawn-Crowned or Explosive Singularity. We can’t wait to get our hands on these cards and take them for a spin when the set releases later this week. What about you? Which cards will you brew first?

Part 3 Timestamps

[7:44] Eiganjo, Seat of the Empire
[11:17] Roadside Reliquary
[16:16] Mech Hangar
[19:09] Greasefang, Okiba Boss
[27:06] Commune with Spirits
[30:41] Experimental Synthesizer
[35:01] Voltage Surge
[38:16] Kumano Faces Kakkazan
[41:20] Rabbit Battery
[44:24] Reinforced Ronin
[47:51] Sky-Blessed Samurai
[50:04] Generous Visitor
[51:22] March of Reckless Joy
[55:37] Michiko’s Reign of Truth
[58:03] Careful Cultivation
[1:02:45] Blade of the Oni
[1:06:06] Ogre-Head Helm
[1:07:55] Mnemonic Sphere
[1:10:09] Containment Construct
[1:13:40] Disruption Protocol
[1:15:12] Colossal Skyturtle
[1:16:17] Mirrorshell Crab
[1:19:26] Thirst for Knowledge
[1:20:23] Mindlink Mech
[1:24:59] Hinata, Dawn-Crowned
[1:29:42] The Long Reach of Night
[1:34:48] Explosive Singularity

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