Set Review, Part 2: The Best of The Brothers’ War in Modern & Pioneer

MTG Brothers War Key Art

Season 16, Episode 4: Brewer’s Guide to #MTGBRO, Vol. 2

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David, Morde, and Cavedan go head to head with the giant war-machines of The Brothers’ War. Can any of these make the cut in Modern or Pioneer?


[2:47] Loran of the Third Path

[4:39] Brotherhood’s End

[6:09] Mechanized Warfare

[7:58] Gix, Yawgmoth Praetor

[9:23] Siege Veteran

[10:58] Skystrike Officer

[12:25] Tocasia’s Welcome

[14:32] Forging the Anchor

[16:25] Meticulous Excavation

[17:21] Airlift Chaplain

[19:41] Myrel, Shield of Argive

[21:35] Fateful Handoff

[22:53] Obstinate Baloth

[24:13] Saheeli, Filigree Master

[26:34] Woodcaller Automaton

[28:57] Repair and Recharge

[30:08] Platoon Dispenser

[32:01] Steel Seraph

[34:11] Cityscape Leveler

[36:43] Bladecoil Serpent

[38:18] Clay Champion

[39:53] Arcane Proxy

[43:18] Skitterbeam Battalion

[45:01] Combat Thresher

[45:48] Phyrexian Fleshgorger

[47:27] Perennial Behemoth

[52:20] Portal to Phyrexia

[56:45] Hostile Negotiation

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