Set Review, Part 2: The Best of New Capenna for Modern and Pioneer

Falco Spara MTG Art

Season 14, Episode 2: Brewer’s Guide to New Capenna, Part 2

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The complete set release of Streets of New Capenna is upon us, which means the holiday season has officially begun and that means it’s our time to brew!

First of all we have what is likely the biggest “build around” of the set in Viven on the Hunt. At simple sight nothing more than a really expensive Birthing Pod, the reality is we might be staring at a new Splinter Twin situation (a slight exaggeration never killed anybody). Vivien alongside Planebound Accomplice is a 4 mana combo that allows you to pod into Felidar Guardian + Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker for a win that can happen as fast as turn 2.

New Splinter Twin combo in Modern? Or is Vivien just Birthing Pod at home?

Tricoloured cards continue to shine. Endless Detour is one of the most versatile spells ever printed; it is allowed to target any nonland card in play, on the stack or in the graveyard. 

Rocco is a top notch caterer. A 3/1 creature for 3 is not much, however when it can bring the food of one of the best chefs in Magic history we might be staring at a really good tempo play. Casting Rocco with X=0 tutors an Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar straight into play, developing 6 power and drawing you a Cookbook. 

Cards like Falco Spara and Corpse Appraiser might not find a home yet, but they are cards worth a look that might make some new fun brews appear. Falco taking counters off Devoted Druid is a small dream come true.

Some cards just feature into preexisting shells quite comfortably. Is Titan of Industry the one-of that Amulet Titan players were asking for as a way to stabilize against Izzet Murktide? Maybe Elspeth Resplendent can help Heliod decks come back into the light by allowing you to dig for a Spike Feeder that enters with a shield counter. And maybe, just maybe, you can tutor for Imperial Recruiter and find Lagrella, the Magpie, who gets to both remove your opponent’s creature and your own Recruiter so you can reutilize it down the road (and with a 3/3 body to boot).

All in all, the set has some really interesting cards, ranging from absurdly fun build-arounds to just straight upgrades to the manabases of Modern and Pioneer. If there is one thing we can guarantee, it’s that it’s going to keep the brewing laboratory busy for a few weeks.

We hope you enjoy this set review of New Capenna as much as we did, and hope to see you on the streets soon!

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[4:17] Housekeeping
[16:44] Goldhound
[19:45] Cutthroat Contender
[21:35] Sticky Fingers
[31:34] Giada, Font of Hope
[34:11] Ledger Shredder
[37:32] Rigo, Streetwise Mentor
[42:47] Lagrella, the Magpie
[46;16] Endless Detour
[48:47] Riveteer´s ascendancy
[54:11] Widespread Theft
[57:41] Crew Captain
[59:59] Rocco, Cabaretti Caterer
[1:03:47] Mage´s Attendant
[1:05:00] Nimble Larcenist
[1:06:23] Corpse Appraiser
[1:08:49] Big Score
[1:09:30] Falco Spara, the Pactweaver
[1:15:35] Jaxis, the Troublemaker
[1:18:01] Depopulate
[1:19:58] Obscura Interceptor
[1:24:25] Fleetfoot Dancer
[1:27:13] Urabrask, heretic praetor
[1:30:01] Elspeth Resplendent
[1:36:19] Evelyn, the Covetous
[1:41:01] Workshop Warchief
[1:43:01] Vivien on the Hunt
[1:50:49] Titan of Industry
[1:52:54] Meeting of the Five
[1:55:30] Final thoughts

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