Set Review, Part 2: March of the Machine in Modern and Pioneer (ft. Lawson Zandi)

Kasla, The Broken Halo

Season 18, Episode 2: Brewer’s Guide to March of the Machine, Vol. 2

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The hits keep coming for March of the Machine. There’s so much to unpack, we needed brewing reinforcements, so we brought back special guest Lawson Zandi to help make sense of it all.

Chrome Host Seedshark has the potential to dominate battlefields in multiple formats. The power of Shark Typhoon on a 3 drop opens up explosive lines with free spells and cost reduction spells, and works with artifact synergies as well. New Convoke removal spells like Pile On or Temporal Cleansing could be a piece of the puzzle.

In Modern, Surge of Salvation is a huge boon for Hammer Time, providing counterplay against Force of Vigor and Rakdos Scam alike. Deeproot Wayfinder has echoes of Ragavan and Wrenn and Six. It dies to removal, but joins a roster of kill-on-sight creatures that can rapidly deplete the opponent’s interaction. And don’t rule out Omen Hawker, which provides explosive mana that fuels infinite combos with Freed from the Real, or powers up Urza’s Saga and Elvish Reclaimer.

Which cards have what it takes for Modern and Pioneer? We will find out in just two short weeks.


[1:33] Updates on Shining Shoal

[7:06] Housekeeping

[9:05] Another perspective on Battles

[14:05] Invasion of Regatha — Furnace Disciples

[17:10] Omen Hawker

[21:37] Captive Weird — Compleated Conjurer

[24:44] Surge of Salvation

[28:27] Pile On

[31:06] Temporal Cleansing

[34:09] Invasion of Mercadia — Kyren Flamewright

[36:48] Dusk Legion Duelist

[40:02] Ozolith, Shattered Spire

[41:34] Deeproot Wayfinder

[44:48] Errant and Giada

[48:04] Guardian of Ghirapur

[51:27] Sword of Once and Future

[54:01] Voldaren Thrillseeker

[56:51] Polukranos Reborn — Polukranos, Engine of Ruin

[1:01:07] Chrome Host Seedshark

[1:08:45] Halo Forager

[1:11:06] Ayara, Widow of the Realm — Ayara, Furnace Queen

[1:13:31] Tribute to the World Tree

[1:17:12] Baral and Kari Zev

[1:21:18] Invasion of Dominaria — Serra Faithkeeper

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